The Philosophy of Construction

Fidelidad En La Tormenta: Part 1

An Introduction to the Mexican Revolution and the Liberating Army of the South “Yo andaba preguntando, por que andaban peleandoMi madre cavilando me dio contestaciónMe hablo de las banderas, de luchas por las tierrasDe ideales y partidos y de Revolución…” “And I began to ask: why were they fighting?my mother replied to me as she pondered,she … Continue reading Fidelidad En La Tormenta: Part 1


Construction The philosophy of construction is based on the fact that all knowledge is produced by people. As the French epistemologist Gaston Bachelard says in the Formation of the Scientific Mind, “Nothing proceeds from itself. Nothing is given. All is constructed.” Knowledge is always being produced, displaced, and transformed. The philosophy of construction transcends an approach to epistemology–it … Continue reading Mission